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Discover All The Secrets of a Florist

Learn How to create like a professional from Artificial Designs to Fresh Flowers.
Join Hundreds of students learning inside the group the art of floral design today!

Are you tired and Frustrated of…

  • Being confused about where to place your greenery and flowers?
  • Spending tons of your money on supplies and then never knowing how to use them Constantly being afraid you are doing this all wrong?
  • Struggling to make bows & pick out ribbons?
  • Hoping your wreaths and designs will sell, but ending feeling disappointed and defeated?
  • Feeling like you have to figure out everything all by yourself?

If you said YESS!!

I Got you covered,

I been in the floral industry for 18yrs, I have seen this business change over the years and I am here to help you grow your business and give you the encouragement and inspiration you need to reach all your goals in your designs and in your business. I want to fast track your skills, see I never had someone to teach me or show me. I had to learn all on my own through error and trail.

That's exactly why I created this Group Because its everything I wish I had when I started my floral business.

$27 Month

join today before the cart closes..


When you join The Design Stars you become Family!

Think of it as your one-stop shop for exclusive trainings to help you turn your passion into reality.

  • Are you eager to try something new, or expand on the God-given talent that you already have?
  • Have you always been an admirer of beautiful designs, but just don’t know how or where to start to make your own stunning creations?
  • Do you want to save money by making your own designer arrangements?
  • Do you have a creative or artistic side that is ready to burst out?
  • Have you spent too much of your precious time searching YouTube, Google, and Facebook looking for wreath making tutorials and training videos only to be left feeling unimpressed, overwhelmed or frustrated?
  • Do you want to learn how to pick the best materials, signs, and ribbons for your designs?
  • Do you need help with your flower placement?
  • Do you struggle with placing and choosing greenery?
  • Did you try your hand at designing in the past, but perhaps, life, fear, or overwhelm forced you to stop?
  • Do you want to make your designs have that “WOW” factor?
  • Would you like to build or grow thriving business selling your wreaths?

If you said yes then your in great hands, I will walk you through all the steps to help you feel comfortable and will have you designing like a professional in no time.

Whats included in and what will I have access to..

  • 2 Pre-recorded tutorials per month (one fresh, One Silk)
  • 4 Weekly creative live streams in the group teaching you artificial and fresh
  • Access to over 100 pre-recorded creative tutorials
  • 15% off all supplies at mywreathsupplies.com
  • Access to our private facebook group with me and other aspiring designers and business owners were you can ask questions and get feedback on your designs.
  • Live Q/A monthly to answer all your questions concerns

3 design coaches to help you take your designs to the next level


Frequently Asked Question's

$27 Month

join today before the cart closes..


Reviews & Testimonials

My name is Evelyn Green. I am in the process of getting my business set up under the name of “Plum Valley Creations” by Evie. As a new member of the wreath making and design family, I was looking for someone who could give me guidance. I began following Dustin on his live videos because he showed me how to design, how to improve my designs, how to chose the right products and how to sell my creations, all in a fashion that I could understand. So when he formed Flower Paradise Design Stars Group , I immediately became a founding member. This Group, which has become a family of friends, helps each other. Because of the leadership of Dustin, I have finally gained the confidence to start my own business doing something that I love to do - create something that I hope brings joy to someone else. I highly recommend joining Flower Paradise Design Stars. A low price for a high quality of education. I still have a great deal to learn about designing and by being a member of this group, I can achieve my goal as a designer of beautiful creations.

Evelyn Green

Learning so many unique techniques! It’s not just a wreath or arrangement each class, you teach fresh and artificial flowers( which I TREMENDOUSLY appreciate since I am a florist too!), so many different design elements, business, I could go on and on! And you are kind and I can tell you have a true passion for your work and it shows!!


You are a great teacher, leader, encourager! I like that I feel like you are my family and anything I ask is not dumb! You give me the encouragement and help build the confidence that I need to keep in keeping on!!!! Thank you for being you!!!!!


You connect with me and are so creative. Also, you share the information with us in a way that makes us feel like we are a part of what you are designing! I Love being a member of this group!


I love you and your kind and sweet disposition and how patient you are with us. Also you teach us so many things we didn’t even know or think about, artificial and live plant designs are in your teachings, plus we have a blast learning. There is always comic relief in our group and you Dustin put us all at ease and make us feel we are one big happy family. I you my friend.


I ABSOLUTELY love how patient you are with all of our questions. Even though your skills are TOTALLY far superior than most of ours, you make us feel as though we are your equal. I love that once you've taught us, in depth, I feel like I can also make the arrangement. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! So blessed to have found your group.


You are a great teacher, you have so much talent! You always make us feel confident and your always encouraging! Our group is so kind to each other, I really enjoy being a part of this family


You are the best. Your amazing talent, it just comes natural in that God has truly blessed you with so much. You are sincere and dedicated to your work and our group. You are patient, kind and honest. Your teaching skills are amazing. You truly want nothing more than the best for all of us. I love that you are so careful in making funerals pieces aiming to do the very best for your customer’s love ones. You are so encouraging and such an inspiration to all of us in the group. To make a long story short because I could go on and on, I love you and I am so happy and honored to be in your group!


You are down to earth and you want all of us learn so it will make our designs/business grow. You share information that others designers or florist owners would never do. You show step by step and that I do appreciate. Thank you for being there to teach us and let us ask questions.